Veterinary Services

Pet Senior Wellness
in Paoli, IN

Senior Pet Health Matters: Early disease
detection through annual exams and specialized
blood screening!

Pet Senior Wellness

An annual examination is essential for pets of all ages; however, for our senior patients, further blood testing can help us identify specific health conditions before your pet becomes ill. We offer and recommend senior wellness blood screening for pets over seven years of age. Early detection ensures your pet has a comfortable, healthy life.

Tailored Senior Wellness Care for Your Cherished Pet

Discover the difference at Orange County Animal Clinic in Paoli, IN, where we offer specialized senior wellness services that go beyond the ordinary. Our dedicated team ensures your aging furry family member enjoys their golden years with utmost comfort, happiness, and quality of life.

Advantages of Our Senior Wellness Services

  • Customized Approach: Our experienced veterinarians understand the unique needs of senior pets and create personalized care plans to cater to their specific requirements.
  • Early Detection: Through comprehensive senior pet exams and screenings, we can identify potential health issues early on, enabling timely treatment for a longer and healthier life.
  • Pain Management: Combat arthritis and age-related discomfort with our effective pain management strategies, ensuring your pet’s overall well-being.
  • Nutritional Guidance: Senior pets have distinct dietary needs. Our experts provide nutritional guidance to keep your furry friend in optimal shape.
  • Cognitive Enrichment: We prioritize cognitive health by offering stimulating activities and innovative therapies, promoting mental understanding and engagement.
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Rekindle Joy in Your Senior Pet’s Eyes

At Orange County Animal Clinic, we’re dedicated to offering unwavering love and care to your senior pets. Our senior wellness services are designed to help them embrace their age gracefully, enabling them to lead enriching lives. Entrust us to be your partner in ensuring your senior pet’s happiness, vitality, and health during their golden years.

Experience the exceptional senior wellness care we offer in Paoli, IN. Contact Orange County Animal Clinic today to schedule an appointment, and let us support your senior pet’s thriving journey.